Rough Cut & Custom Lumber

American Woodworks can cut & dry your logs to your specification, to any dimension (within the limits of our equipment).

Rough cut, for that rustic look, or custom machined for finish projects.

We also offer S4S services (surfaced four sides) resulting in furniture grade lumber for your needs, American Woodworks will not S4S any green lumber! However, we can offer limited machine & hewn services.

Our newest acquisition is a 3-sided planer to supply your needs with baseboard, casing, crown, chair rail, siding, decorative mouldings, custom tongue & groove flooring.

American Woodworks also offers custom hewn services, lending an appearance of days long past, before machinery was used in the processing of timber to lumber, leaving tool marks on the boards and beams.

WE DO NOT STOCK PILE LUMBER! But we do have small quantities of exotic (indigenous to Texas) logs to process for your needs.

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Custom Lumber Pricing