Our Story

Over 30 Years in the Construction and Lumber Trades
We are a small operation, mom & pop if you will. All our equipment is brand new, reliable and safe!
We started this company because after looking for quality lumber to renovate our daughters house, we found nothing to our standards, often poorly cut, wavy & crooked, even infested with insects and terrible service, we found NO ONE that kiln dries for the public.

The big box stores sells lumber from genetically modified young growth, resulting in badly warped, bowed crooked lumber, this lumber has nearly ZERO natural bug resistance, its structurally weaker and burns faster than logs that are typically found in your yard!

After seeing what was out there, we knew we could deliver a better service & higher quality product!

We focus on customer satisfaction, not sales or profit.
Our passion for working with wood is our driving force that keeps our quality the best available anywhere.

Free delivery inside 100 miles on any service over $1000