Portable Saw Mill, Kiln Drying, and Custom Rough Cut Lumber

Portable Saw Mill Services

Your location or ours. Convert your logs into rough cut lumber today.

saw mill cutting logs
Stack of rough cut lumber

Lumber Kiln Services

The best way to get the most out of your lumber. We offer klin drying services to extend the life of your investment.

Custom Rough Cut Lumber

Rustic, rough cut dimensional lumber milled to your specifications.

Custom Slabs, Countertops & Mantles

Turn your lumber into treasure for your home and family.

Custom S4S Lumber & Molding

Dimensional hardwood is ready to be made into your special project.

Custom Lumber Products

Your lumber is now ready to become a family heirloom or building material for future projects. The possibilities are endless!

chainsaw cutting logs

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